Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rotate This

I had to install a few new sprinkler heads today, some were leaking and one stopped moving. It was one of those with a rotating head that you would use to cover a larger area.

While most of the sprinklers are easy to replace; dig the hole, remove old head, replace the riser and screw in new sprinkler, the rotating type come with instructions. Where do they put the instructions? Pasted to the sprinkler so if you try to remove them so you don't forget what the steps are you will destroy them (remember, once you install the new head it is below ground so you will no longer be able to read the directions). So what to do but copy them (unless you have a good memory).

First step, grip the rubber head and move clockwise to set the right border, then move counter clockwise to set the left border. Second step, rotate the entire head clockwise to set the left fixed point while at the same time stick your thumb up your ass (this will keep you still) and then rotate the head counter clockwise.

If you are easily confused, be careful not to rotate your thumb, this could cause you to flinch and you may not get the spray directed as desired. The third and fourth steps advise you how to adjust the fixed borders left and right so don't confuse your left hand with your right hand or you may wind up with mud up your ass.

Other than that it's real simple!

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