Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Scene

As per my normal Sunday morning ritual, I went out through the garage and front gate to gather up the local rag...the Wierd Herald but lo and behold it was not in it's normal spot. No orange bag laying in the driveway.

I looked across the street and noticed that the familiar object was laying on one of our neighbors driveways and looked back at ours. Then I saw it, recognized it right away. Someone had decapitated a snake and decided it should adorn our driveway. The question is, does this have some meaning, is it a warning of some sort, does someone wish us harm? Is there possible some meaning to the way it is positioned?

Just about everyone has a conspiricy theory about something, and I think I should make one up about this.

Since our house is up for sale and has been for some time, it is my theory that someone, perhaps the same one that keeps removing the for sale signs that point to our house, wants us to consider lowering the price and they think that by tossing a beheaded snake in the driveway we will begin to think that maybe the neighborhood is becoming unsafe, lowering the price just go get away.....maybe it is even our Agent who has twice suggested we consider a reduction (but then he wouldn't steal his own signs....or would he?).

Just in case any of that may be close to why we have a dead, decapitated snake in our driveway, and in case the person or persons that decided to let us have it might stumble across this post, forget it buster (or bustess), the house is what it is and is not going to be reduced.

Oh, by the way, I found the paper in the recepticle the newspaper people attached to our mailbox post that they hardly ever use. Maybe the deliverly person didn't want to chance hitting the snake by throwing the paper down.

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CamiKaos said...

usually when you saw a decapitated snake isn't it because you or mom decapitated it?

PS: Dr Normal says to set up some video surveillance to catch the loonies bastards...