Saturday, September 1, 2007

It’s Over

Well, it is officially done, our fine home is no longer on the market. The agent we contracted with will drop by today to pick-up the sign, get his lock box and give us the key within same. Yesterday morning (Friday) NK said she slept well and was glad that is was over.

When I returned from the golf course, she was suffering from a happy depression. Yes, she was glad that we were no longer under the gun, waiting to hear that someone wanted to interrupt our day to view our house. She was depressed because now we know that we will not be moving to Oregon this year.

We will be fine here for one more year, we have installed some flooring in our storage room and will most likely put in new flooring in the kitchen. In addition, we are going to have some electrical work done so our storage room will become useful as a craft room and a reading/library area. We hope this will enhance the salability next year.

At the request of CK here are a few pictures of the new floor.


CamiKaos said...

sigh. We're going to try to get the toilet installed in the main floor this weekend.

See you for Christmas?

oh, the floor looks nice, it will be good to have that storage room be something useful.

mielikki said...

that just sucks that it didn't sell. But I think the break will rejuvinate the market, I hope, and it will sell quickly after you do all that work!

sybil law said...

Happy and sad post.... But the floor looks great!