Friday, September 14, 2007

Mixed Bag

Yesterday I played golf with a fiery 29 year old hot tempered red headed Irishman. He was an employee at another course across the river. I did not ask him what he did there but he told me his passion was golf, it was his only passion.

After I put my 1st tee shot in the fairway, he came up in his cart and asked if he could join me and even though I can be somewhat of a loner, I never mind company on the golf course. So he hit is tee shot well off to the left and off we went. On the 2nd tee, I'm in the fairway and he is in the bunker.

I'll interject here that he had not played this course in a very long time and while it looks simple, it does have some pretty sharp teeth and they were leaving a few marks on him. In golf a number of things can impact your play and the golf course is one of them. It can get in your head and no matter what, it stays, and it eats its way through any modicum of confidence you have. This is what happened to my playing partner. After a few choice #%*&#$ words it seems his Irish emotions were getting the better of him and his words got louder and stronger all with constant apologies.

After more of the same over numerous holes I hit my tee shot about 55 yards past his. Just before that, he asked me how old I was, 49 or so? When I told him 60, his jaw kind of dropped and he got kind of quiet. After the above tee shot he said that now he was really embarrassed. All I could think was how good it felt to out distance someone that age but I kept my mouth shut, I know it will happen once in a while and I told him that I could remember when I had a temper like his.

Later, after we were all done he asked how old I was when I learned to control my temper? I told him I was just about his age. I hope he feels better today.

On a side note, Belichick got off easy, he and his staff are nothing more than common thieves with no moral fiber. He and his entire staff should have been suspended for 5 games in addition to the fines and loss of draft picks.

Yet another side, Portland, Or. (my adopted home town) is in mourning. Finally a chance to rid the city of the JailBlazer image with big hopes for a good run this year and Greg Oden is out before the season starts.


CamiKaos said...

Yeah the Oden news is big and sad in town.

and your youthful temper runs in the family. I know I have it, it was hard to get in check... and K, she has it too.

mielikki said...

so my temper comes from that side of the family, does it. . .

I'd be interested to see you and my Dad discuss the Belichick thing. He has an opinion, and it's opposite of yours, it seems. Would be interesting!

sybil law said...

Golf just seems to bring out the bad temper in anyone! But congrats on besting the youngin' on the course! Sweet! :)

DaddyKaos said...

M - the only argument anyone could have would be that everyone cheats so what Belichick and his staff did was no big deal. There is no way I can buy that.

Any temper you have probably does come from our side, remember the tuna, it did not get to the wall by itself.

mielikki said...

That is actually my Dad's point, the fact that "everyone" does it. It doesn't mean Belichick was right in doing it, but he is being penalized for something the whole NFL does. We had quite a discussion about this the other day.