Monday, September 17, 2007

Who Would You Sue?

Have you ever sued anyone? What would make you sue someone? Would you do it just to get your name in the news? Would you think it was frivolous to file a suit for that reason? Would you do because someone else filed a suit that you thought was ridiculous and wanted to send a message? Who would you sue? Would you sue this guy?

Would you sue God? Really, think about it, would you sue God to put and end to hurricanes, tornado's and earthquakes or any other type of natural phenomenon? Well, there is a State Senator in Nebraska that has filed a lawsuit against God for just those reasons. He wants Him to stop natures destructive forces. He said he tried talking to Him, "hey, you up there" didn't work so Senator Ernie Chambers from Omaha sued God. It's a response to a suit filed to keep an attorney from using the word rape in a trial that is ongoing. He did it to show that anyone could file a suit against anyone, for any reason at any time.
Since we moved here 10 years ago we have had a lot of fun with Senator Chambers but this is the best yet. I do have to agree with him in this one, it is way too easy to file a suit, against anyone, anytime, for any reason. Chambers belongs in California though, not in Nebraska.


CamiKaos said...

In a way it kind of reminds me of when Oregon Rep David Wu went nuts earlier this year and got all Star Trek saying we had Faux Klingons in the white house...

People do nutty stupid things

sybil law said...

I HATE the way people sure for everything, especially these million dollar lawsuits. Most people wouldn't make that amount of money in their lifetime, but somehow they feel entitled to it when something goes wrong. Everyone is a victim of something, nowadays. No one is allowed to make mistakes anymore, especially not doctors, because if they do, they're gonna get sued.