Sunday, September 2, 2007

Somebody Up There Likes Me

Hey up there, you, Sam. Yeah, you, Sam Walton. I know you are there and are reading all this stuff, what else do you have to do? I never thought I would say this, let alone put it out where the entire world can see it but I just wanted to thank you (keep you thong around you waist Kapitan, it’s not the end of the world).

Why you ask? Because I did something really stupid this past week; I did not fill up my truck before Labor Day prices went into effect. I know, it’s the same every holiday, beer goes on sale and gas goes up.

Why is that I wonder, you would think the people that make beer would catch on to the oil companies game and raise prices when they know everyone will be drinking more. NK thinks that they just want to keep everyone so drunk they don’t notice or care about the price of gas. That would mean that the oil companies are sharing their profits with the beer guys and they don’t share with anyone.

Anywho, back to Sam. When I went to my local Sam’s Club gas station I expected it to be like everywhere else. The Kum and Go (nice name, what) raised prices by 20 cents a gallon from last Wednesday. A station near Sam’s priced their gold at $2.95, $2.99 and $3.02 per gallon. But not good ole Sam’s people, they resisted the urge to gouge us this time around. So thanks again buddy, we all appreciate it.


CamiKaos said...

that's why we often gas up at costco


sybil law said...

Well our Sam's club has some high priced gasoline, so I'd like to say NO THANKS, Sam!
But NK sounds like a smart, smart woman. Actually, I know she is, because Cami told me. :)