Thursday, September 20, 2007

Waiting - Addendum

Still waiting should be the title I guess. I called the floor company about an hour past the time the installer guy should have been here. They didn't have a clue so they said they would try go contact him (they take no responsibility once they sell you the flooring even though the message you listen to when you are put on hold is all about their customer service and "professional" installers).

About 2 hours later I finally hear from Mike the installer (that is how he introduced himself and in the olden days, back when there were Lords and Dukes and Kingdom's and all that, that is where last names came was based on what you did). So, Mike Installer gives his sob story for the day and asks if there would be any problem starting the install tomorrow and finishing it on Saturday.

Long pause, complete silence, then blast off.

He did not expect to hear anything like, yes, I do have a problem with that so he again asked with more of a question mark at the end, "You have a problem?" It takes alot for me to lose my temper so let me just say we covered my problem with that fairly well and I did it without one word of profanity (you can tell when I'm really mad, I don't cuss). The end of the conversation was that either I have a new floor tomorrow or I will not have a new floor from (insert company name) at all, your choice.

So, he will be here between 8 and 8:30 tomorrow morning (we'll see). What I'm wondering is what would keep him from starting and then making some lame excuse for not getting done?


mielikki said...

Mike Installer grabbed a tiger by the tail, didn't he!

CamiKaos said...

let me just say that when you are dealing with my dad there are 2 things you want to make sure you hear. 1) is laughter, because he's not too shy about the laughing and 2) profanity. If he's still cussing you know he won't kill you.

sybil law said...

Oh that just sucks. That ass better be there tomorrow!!!
Is it Home Depot? Can we get a hint on what company you're dealing with here?!

DaddyKaos said...

SL: No, not Home Depot or any nationally recogized name. If we can we like to support local business although this is one we will not deal with again or recommend.

M: More like a wounded bobcat.