Sunday, September 16, 2007

Would You Believe

If I told you that Richard Nixon was set up by Gerald Ford to take the fall for Watergate would you believe me? I'm sure that someone probably would (not you of course). Americans can be so gullible they will (and want to) believe that good always triumphs over evil, that inherently, people will not lie to you, that the pharmaceutical industry has our best interests in mind and that businesses will not take advantage of an unaware consumer.

That is what the toy industry wants all of to believe, that the upcoming price increase in the cost of toys will make them safer. Accept it, it's a fact. They wouldn't try to deceive the savvy American public. There will NEVER BE ANOTHER TOY RECALL BECAUSE THEY ARE NOW SAFE. One mother of a 7 month old boy and 2 year old daughter said "I will pay more (for toys) because I know it will ensure safety." She knows it so it must be true.

It will only cost you an additional 10% for them next year. They believe that the prices will not increase before the Christmas season begins because "...manufacturers and sellers have already ordered the toys for Christmas." Yeah, right and the lovely people that provide us with fuel don't ever raise the price of the gas in their underground tanks whenever it appears that another artificial shortage will soon be announced either.


CamiKaos said...

we is smart uns

sybil law said...

I hate people.

mielikki said...

toys? Cost more at Christmas time? Naw, they'd NEVER do that, would they?