Monday, September 10, 2007

No Playoff's for you!

It’s week one of the NFL season and the following teams are already out of it:

Buffalo – although they lost in the last seconds to my team, Denver, their next five games are against Pittsburgh, a loss. New England, another loss. New York Jets, possibly a win. Dallas, yet another loss (even though I hate to pick Dallas over anyone). Baltimore still another loss. So now they are 1 for 6 and not a contender for the playoffs.

Cleveland – lost big time to Pittsburgh. The only team they might beat in their next five games is the Raiders (go Cleveland, I hate the Raiders).

Jacksonville – lost on Sunday, will lose 4 of the next 5. Should have kept Leftwich.

Kansas City – just forget it, lost to Houston, will not win until Jacksonville in week five and that is not a given.

Oakland – my hope is that they go 0-16, but they will probable beat Cleveland.

On the bubble: Miami, N.Y. Jets

Arizona – not a chance.

Atlanta – no chance without Vick and he does not belong in the NFL.

Chicago – will not repeat, get rid of Rex.

Detroit – No Way even though they won yesterday, but come on, it was only the Raiders.

Green Bay – Never count Farve out but don’t count on the playoffs.

New York Giants – get rid of the head coach and they might make it.

Tampa Bay – Goodbye Jon.

On the bubble – Carolina


Bubblewench said...

No comment on some of the worst football ever? The Eagles? It was just plain disgusting. They're done for the season if you ask me. No Offense.

mielikki said...

I gotta agree, DK. And I would LOVE to see the Raiders go without a win at all this season, it would be great!
But Dallas is the team I hate the most in this world.
BW- so sorry. . .

DaddyKaos said...

BW: I won't write the Eagles off just yet but if they lose at home to the Redskins this coming Sunday I probably will.

M: I agree, the Cowboys are an easy team to dislike, kind of like the Huskers.

CamiKaos said...

oh the football is melting my brain... but K misses watching it with Papa.

sybil law said...

Who likes the freaking Cowboys?! YUCK.
GO, Bengals! (I root for my home team, plus my sister in law is now a Bengal's cheerleader). Rah, Rah!