Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Change is in Order

So, it's a new year, 2008 so I'm told. It's the time that people with good intentions (some not so good) say that something will change in their life. I don't do that anymore but I have a few suggestions that others may want to consider.

There is a guy that lives down the street from my daughter, his job involves some type of holistic medicine.

No, I don't know what that really means.

It must be some kind of voodoo.

Anyway, this guy works about one block from his house. Get this, he drives to work, drives home for lunch and drives back to work. I have seen him do it, numerous times.

So, my suggestion to him, get off your fat ass and walk to work.

This is for no one in particular, I just happened to overhear a conversation on the street (while I was walking).

Scene 1.
Lady coming out of un-named but plentiful all over the place coffee shop bends over to pet the butt ugliest pair of dogs. Both dogs are wearing coats, one pink, one black.

Lady: Oh how cute (gag). Are they lovers?

Stop: what in the hell is wrong with her, they are dogs for christs sake, if the one wearing pink goes into heat, the one wearing black will become her lover (that is unless one or the other or both have been spayed and/or neutered in which case the one in black will try anyway).

Dog owner: No, (see Stop, above substitute him for her), they are brother and sister.

At this time (I'm still walking, away from them thank God), I stop listening but here is my suggestion for the dog owner. Get rid of the damned coats, (that is unless you are using them to pick up women and if you are you should continue on with the "lovers" discussion. Don't you know a good lead in when you hear it).

But you know, now that I think about it, I could have had it all wrong. What if the one in pink was the male?


mielikki said...

lovers? Eeew. Those poor, humiliated dogs. . .

CamiKaos said...

I think I have seen those damn dogs.

sybil law said...

If you DID have it wrong and the one in pink was the male, then they still probably wouldn't have been lovers.
That is seriously hilarious and dumb as shit. Who not just answer: "Yeah - she's his bitch.", and walk on? I would've.