Thursday, January 31, 2008

Time to Talk Veep!

The last time I had any compassion for a Presidential race I looked like this:

This was taken in 1971 and the candidate was George McGovern.

Now, with election year in our front pocket, things are moving quickly. While McGovern did not choose wisely (grasshopper), my hope is that Obama does and that has me thinking about who his running mate might be.

Should he go with conventional wisdom and select someone like say, Patrick Kennedy?

Would John Edwards be willing to play second chair after twice trying for the chair at the head of the table? Would his presence help more than someone else?

If Romney gets the Republican nod (maybe even a wink), could anyone be so bold as to suggest a mixed race union (I mean elephants and donkeys)? Is McCain just enough of a maverick to serve as VP for a Democratic president? You have to admit there are some interesting possibilities here.

But I like this guy.

He was my first choice for President and my choice to run along with Obama.

If for no other reason, Bill Richardson has the type of foreign policy experience that could help President Obama restore our integrity in the worlds eyes, and lord knows that will take some doing.


CamiKaos said...

let's hope this election firms out better.

mielikki said...

yeah, I'm with Cami on that one. Very interested to see whom they will choose as their running mates

Bubblewench said...

Yeah, I'm pretty curious to see how this all pans out myself.

sybil law said...

Obama's color and name alone I think will help how the world views us!

holly said...

look all you lot (ha i can say that over here - it's *you guys*; my absentee ballot isn't worth shit) have to do is get rid of the current guy and the opinion of america will rise to almost respectable levels.

well, non-negligible levels.

okay you won't be thought of as the anti-christ country.

isn't bush a zero-year pres? where the heck are all the assassins? on holiday? this boy is going to make it all the way through!