Thursday, January 10, 2008

Don't Come Looking For Me

I'll be honest.

Lately I have struggled (other than cell phones and toilets) with subject matter. You see, my kids are all grown so I cannot talk about the cute (thanks KiKi, that was great and little K has done the same type of thing) things they do ( although I probably could write for quite some time about the things they used to do but they could return the favor so I won't).

I don't work anymore (retired) so I don't have any interesting lazy ass work stories either and local politics are boring (even the local paper ignores that subject).

So, what do I do? Well, I pay attention to my surroundings and I think about things. What things you ask?

Things like why Kerry endorsed Obama and not Edwards and will that help Obama more than it hurts Edwards (you see Kerry was the loser in 2004, so does one loser help another to lose?) or just the opposite.

I think about past elections and Presidents and where they came from (possibly more on this later if I think I can find some humor and make it more interesting that in sounds).

Since JFK, every Presidential candidate from Massachusetts has failed. RFK (OK, technically he was from NY but his family was from Mass.) was killed, Dukakis, trounced and Kerry, well you know the story. So, Mass. presents losers on the Democratic side. So what good will a losers endorsement do now? I guess we will have to wait and see.

What about those from Illinois? Well the only one elected from Illinois was assassinated. No, not Reagan, even though he was born in Illinois (and someone took a shot at him), he was elected from Santa Barbara, southern California (the Republican part of the state). I'm talking about Lincoln, Abe, Kentucky born but from Illinois.

Now we have a popular candidate from Illinois, also not born there (he was born in Hawaii). What will his fate be?

Note to any Federal Agents reading this blog, this is just a question so there is no need to question my family and neighbors (though if you want to, let me know so I can put my house up for sale and take advantage of the celebrity that will come from the exposure. You see, we would like to move to Oregon and we could not sell our home last year).

I wish no harm, I pose no threat, I only wonder if some whacko will take their opposition to an unacceptable extreme. Let's hope not.

I also wonder why the press calls McCain a war hero when all he did was get shot down and become a captive of a poor country that kicked our ass. A war hero does something above and beyond (and generally is an act of insanity). While I respect his sacrifice, he is not a hero.

Lastly, I wonder why we say someone "allegedly" escaped from jail? Were they once in jail? Yes? Were they released from jail? No? Were they still in jail? No? Did someone with a shotgun walk into the jail and tell Barney Fife to open the cell? Yes? Where was the person when he was next seen, in jail? No.

Then cut the crap, the asshole escaped, he did not allegedly escape since he was no longer in custody so quit with the civil rights shit, criminals have no rights.


CamiKaos said...

statements like this: - I wonder why we say someone "allegedly" escaped from jail? Were they once in jail? Yes? Were they released from jail? No? Were they still in jail? No? -

Let me know I really am quite certainly your daughter because I think about that shit all the time.

It makes me feel crazy when they say that shit.

Or this one: "A woman was allegedly murdered" Was she murdered? Yes. By herself? No.

That doesn't make the murder alleged... it makes the suspect alleged.


I'm going to bed.

mielikki said...

couldn't have said it better, myself. I was pondering the Kerry/Obama situation earlier. . .

Bubblewench said...

I agree with CK... i hate when they stupidly use words..

I allegedly read your blog. Did I skim it? No. Did I read it? Yes.. wtf?