Monday, January 21, 2008

Monthly Traits

I got tagged awhile back by Sybil (who got tagged by CK, who got tagged by Holly, oh how these damned things get around) and have been putting my response off for no reason whatsoever except for one thing that is not one of the choices, I tend to get lazy.

The thing is, I am to inform you all of the month I was born and pick the traits of a person born that month that apply and expound on them. I am also obligated to tag 12 other people but I refuse to do so (see stubborn below)

Born in May:

Stubborn and hard-hearted.

Stubborn applies, especially when I know I am right (even if I am wrong) I will defend my opinion until silence is the only solution (that means I am no longer speaking to someone or they are no longer speaking to me). But hard- hearted, no, not at all.

Strong-willed and highly motivated.

This kind of goes hand in hand with stubborn. I think it might be the combination of Finnish and Scotch-Irish blood (though Swedes can be pretty strong willed also).

Deep feelings.

It kind of depends on the subject. I can be very passionate at times and not really give a shit one way or the other about some things. My passion can and does come out when I am opposed to something just as strong or stronger than if I favor it.

Needs no motivation.

Normally this is true, I have always been a self starter (that is as long as I want to do something).


I always try to be understanding and am generally a good listener. I have had many friends that felt they could always come to me for a shoulder to cry on. Mostly though I just don't give a rats ass and while I listened, I hardly every heard, my mind was always wandering to something I thought was important.

Loves literature and the arts.

I do like to read and I love music and to go to museums. But to say I love the arts, well that has always sounded a little gay and snobbish.

Loves traveling.

There are a great number of places I want to see, I just hate getting there. This is only because I had to spend so much time away from home when I was employed.

Dislike being at home.

Only when I'm forced to stay in because of the weather.


I was until I retired, now the only thing I work hard at if golf.


CamiKaos said...

hard hearted... certainly not.

mielikki said...

Stubborn is one of our family traits, I don't think it can be avoided. But certainly not hard hearted.
I left an award for you over at my "place".

sybil law said...

Yay! Another May baby!

"sounded a little gay and snobbish." made me LOL!!!!
I knew you'd have good answers!