Saturday, January 19, 2008

No More Nooses

Most of you could probably care less about what is happening in the golf world but shame has been cast upon the world of golf journalism over the past 2 weeks.

First the Golf Channel, now Golfweek Magazine. Didn't any one learn anything from Imus or is it just the engage mouth shut off brain mentality in which so many people in the spotlight seem to be so proficient?

Kelly Tilghman from the Golf Channel started it all when she stated on January 4th that the only way to possibly stop Tiger Woods would be ....“Lynch him in a back alley.” She apologized 2 days later and was then suspended for 2 weeks after 5 days after the statement (after Rev. Al Sharpton had his say).

Now, in a rare double whammy for a sport that rarely sees controversy (Augusta a rather large exception a couple of years back), a senior editor at Golfweek decides to put, of all things, a noose of the cover of its January 19th edition, with the caption "Caught in a Noose" as a reference to the Tilghman story inside.

Even though Tilghman has been suspended (further action may be forthcoming) and the editor was fired, the stain will not disappear with a few sensitivity classes at the Golf Channel.

The evidence of racism in this country (not to mention the world) is all around us, even if these two individuals spoke and acted inadvertently, as I believe they did. In the long run we are all responsible for our actions, what we say and how we say it and when it does not escape the "gentlemanly" game of golf our world is indeed in a sad state.


mielikki said...

Wow. I nominate them both for your FI award. If you decide to bring that back, that is.

holly said...

i am a golfer. i really wish the game was *in fact* more gentlemanly.

although wait - weren't the comments made by a broadcaster? and an editor? they may-or-may-not even PLAY golf. and if they do? they probably do it poorly. i could probably kick their *sses. and gladly!

Bubblewench said...

Being the golf freak that I am, I have to comment that it was the media that blew this all up, causing the idiot at Golfweek to make that stupid decision (he has since been fired).

Have you seen Tiger play? Did you the Buick last weekend? Damn Kelly was right! Tiger knows it, didn't take offense and was forced by media and public pressure to act like he did.