Friday, January 18, 2008

Tax Rebates For One And All (if you are rich)

In a bold move today, "W" (for those of you not familiar with this letter it stands for the goofball in the White House) announced his plan to right the American Economy.

At first, he thought his advisers were talking about erotic stimulus and he stated that he wanted no part of that because Laura might find out. They had to bring Cheney in to convince him that it was the economy that needed his attention.

So, he announced a plan to provide somewhere between $140 and $150 billion in tax incentives for business and relief for individual taxpayers. He called the stimulus "our most pressing economic priority."

In obvious agreement (?), the reaction from Wall Street came quickly. In an enthusiastic show of support for the Presidents plan, the Dow took an immediate dive, down over 63 as of mid-day.

Maybe he should have stuck with the plan for erotic stimulus.

In related news the price of chocolate on the open market seems to be plummeting, leaving investors puzzled. For some reason, the consumption of the tasty treat seems to have dropped significantly with no explanation.


mielikki said...

what happened to the F.I awards?
as to the chocolate. I hear tale that an unexpected, yet expected bounce back may well happen in March. But I can neither confirm, nor deny it!

DaddyKaos said...

F.I. awards did not really seem to catch on other than with you, no one else ever submitted any nominations or voted. I may bring them back later if there is any interest.

My sources tell me it may be too late for some of the candy producers if the prices continue to drop until March. Stover may sell out to Whitmans but everyone is in trouble.

mielikki said...

Mwa-ha haaa.
You figured out our diabolical plan. We are really aiming to bring down Mrs. See. . .

holly said...

well i hope Ws plan is just as successful as the one for attacking terrorism.

oh, wait.

yup. stayin' in britain. ha ha ha suckers!

i mean lovely friends. :) :)

the chocolate market is truly doomed if fourteen people (the list, you, me) can affect it. . .