Thursday, July 19, 2007


On November 10, 1968, while sitting in my Plymouth Road Runner (metallic blue, circa 1968) I proposed to NK while we were parked behind Bert’s Drive In (good chili boats and better french fries). I took it back shortly thereafter because I realized it was the anniversary of the founding of the Marine Corps and I did not want to remember that day that way. So, the official date became 11/11/68 (of course that is Veterans Day but that was OK as long as the USMC was not directly involved). Another part of that was that on 11/10/66, I was wounded for the first time and I don’t really like to think about that too much either.

Eight months later (38 years ago today), NK and I tied the proverbial knot. Now this leads me to another life’s most embarrassing moments. This happened while getting dressed for the Wedding. I was at my parent’s house and naturally they had a house full of guests, one of them was a person I really had no use for.

The embarrassment started with her. When I put my Tux pants on and attempted to zip up the fly, the fly died on me. The damned thing came apart like a tree hit by lightening, just split right down the middle. Needless to say, this was somewhat disconcerting. I was going to be married in about 2 hours with an air conditioned willie if we couldn’t get it fixed.

While I’m standing in the living room talking to someone and pondering the dilemma, this lady (using the term verrrrrry loosely) comes up and starts to reach for my crotch. Not on your life, woman. I guess she thought she had magic fingers that would repair the zipper with a little touch. The bad part is, I couldn’t react fast enough to get away from her. I’m just glad there aren’t any pictures. I just wouldn’t look right her pulling at my crotch like that.

The zipper was finally patched together with a couple of safety pins so I went through the wedding and reception with a no fly zone. If I had to go, the pants had to hit the floor.

Happy Anniversary NK


Bubblewench said...

ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
happy anniversary to you both! said willie.

CamiKaos said...

happy anniversary.

Love that story.

Love you guys.

mielikki said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you, and many more.

I would have slapped that hand away and told her she was in the "no fly zone".