Friday, July 27, 2007


More pics:

Enjoying some liquid refreshment on day 1.

At the Mad Hatters

Disneyland Trashcan Band

There is a place in the town that NK and I grew up in that pulls on us like a magnet every time we are within 50 miles of the place. It is legendary for it's ice cream, especially the chocolate and in the good ole summertime, fresh even has chunks of peaches in almost every bite.

So far we have been back there twice, the first time we each got a large chocolate shake (and even at $5 something each it is worth it), yesterday we shared a peach. I think I will get another peach tomorrow on the way back to LA LA land and the airport.

There are other things we look for whenever we visit the old stomping grounds, things like good Chinese food, good Mexican food and salami (no such thing as good dry italian salami at home so we always take some back) . If I had to rank the above, the Chinese food comes first, then the salami, then the Mexican food but only because there are some good Mexican restaurants in Omaha. The Chinese food there does not compare to what you can get in California, I only wish we were closer to SF right now.

Since we will head toward home tomorrow I'll be silent for a day but I should have a good air travel story to share since that is always an adventure.


mielikki said...

mmmm milkshakes. . .
Superior Dairy? Is that it?

CamiKaos said...

mmmmmmmmmm superior dairy chocolate....