Friday, July 13, 2007

Hot off the press

Try this in your hot tub. The latest trend in Japan is a nice soak in Ramen noodles, complete with Soy Sauce so I guess you can soak and eat (Eeew at that thought) at the same time. I wonder if you can request different flavor packets, you know, sometimes you feel like a shrimp sometimes you don't.

I wonder how long it will take this to get to good ole California?

I know, I already posted once today but somethings I just can't resist.


mielikki said...

yech. Especially following an excellent Gumbo recipe. (I love okra, btw.)
Also, I giggle every time I see that pic of my other uncle. I had no clue that was your shirt. Did you ever get it back? (did you even want it back is the better question. . .)

CamiKaos said...

I always love that picture of uncle B. Hahaha.

when I get my hottub you will not be allowed to put noodles of anykind in it.