Thursday, July 26, 2007

Home Again

Today we went to NK's Mom & Dads for a little visit. Her mom is what I would call a closet racist. Today it was directed at the Chinese in the small town we grew up in. She said she hated the chink that was running the local dairy. Most of the time she hates the spics, sometimes the Japanese (although for the life of me I can't figure out why she likes them most of the time and why she separates them from the Chinese). She always hates the dark ones. She considers herself to be a fine upstanding christian woman so I always have a real problem with that and with every visit we make her attitude seems to get worse. Maybe it's not that you can 't go home again, you just don't want to.

Oh, one thing that floored me. When NK was talking about getting a spider bite on her thigh, her mom said make sure they don't nest in your TWAT. NK said "that's my mom", I learned that word from her. This got me thinking about the origin of the word (I do that sometimes). According to most sites, it appears to be of Norse origin (cut or slit) from the mid 1600's, though the exact origin is listed as unknown. There was also a reference to clearing a forest, maybe that's what they are doing when the lumber company clear cuts an area, keeping the Twats safe from spiders. That is probably why Pres. Regan was such an avid clear cut advocate, he wanted to keep spiders from Nancy's slit.

Here are some more pics from DL:

K and Snow White at Dinner on Saturday

From left to right, a Purple Haze and a Zoolander at the UVA Bar.

We tried to have a few each night.

CK was glaring at someone here!

This was before she had her Zoolander!

With NK's hat.

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Bubblewench said...

holy freakin funny on the TWAT! Go Papa K!

YEAH! More pictures!!