Sunday, August 19, 2007

Food Dreams

Do you have food dreams? I’m not asking if you dream about food, what I am asking is whether or not certain meals or food combinations cause you to have weird, wild, LSD induced type dreams?

Because I’m asking this you have probably assumed that some items of food have provided both NK and myself some wonderful conversation points in the morning. For instance, a few nights ago we had a relatively simple meal. We knew we would be tired from laying the floor tiles in the bonus room so we just planned on soup and a sandwich (tuna) on a hoagie roll (it was quite tasty with slices of red onion and garden fresh tomato slices). What dreams may come and please feel free to provide your interpretations.

In NK’s dream, we were shopping for furniture and the salesperson told us that their best selection was in some model homes and that they would shuttle us to them (might be a Disneyland influence with the shuttle). Now remember, dreams will always have unexplained gaps and this one is no exception. Somehow the people visiting the model homes had a "chip" implanted that turned them into Stepford Wives zombie like people. For some inexplicable reason, I was able to avoid the chip implant but NK could not. Like the true rebel she is however, she was able to resist its power and we made our way out and exposed the ring. It seems that the dealers were creating their own cult of furniture salespeople and were in league with new home developers (at this point I will let you know that we blame the new home glut as the reason our lovely home remains unsold). This from just a simple tuna sandwich, or maybe it was the Cream of Chicken soup. Who knows what Campbell’s has added to that?

Another memorable combination caused NK to see a turkey running around with a human head. She thinks it may have been the head of "dubya" and that she may have the powers of a "Seer" like Professor Trelawny. This was a result of our favorite combination to avoid, smoked baby oysters on crackers (snack food) and Nathan’s hot dogs (dinner). Be warned this is a deadly combination, especially when accompanied with Corona and lime.

Oh, my tuna sandwich dream? We had been called to testify in court somewhere and on our plane trip back to San Francisco we were just about to land so I looked out the window to check and make sure the landing gears were down and locked (I could see a reflection in the water and they were locked in place). When I looked back up, we immediately started to dive straight toward the water. I glanced up toward the front of the plane and could see that the pilot was slumped over, pushing on the wheel. I jumped up to pull the pilot back so I could gain control of the plane. At that point I woke up and realized I had to pee. Not a good as NK’s by a long shot but and least I did not pee in my shorts.


CamiKaos said...

so you will never know if you saved the plane or not..

DaddyKaos said...

Since I'm still breathing I must conclude that I was successful.

sybil law said...

I'd say not peeing in your shorts is a pretty good outcome, anyway. :)

mielikki said...

I've had some intense, possibly food related dreams, too!
Tonight at dinner I had some chicken cocoanut curry. I wonder whats going to happen.
I love NK's turkey with dubya's head.