Tuesday, August 21, 2007


In response to CK's questions.

1. What did you think of the end of Sofia Copala's Marie Antoinette? Mr. Kaos has his panties all in a bunch about it and is quite certain that you would too.
No comment, I have not seen the movie. Guess we should add it to our list.

2. You have always claimed to hate cats, yet I have evidence (possibly somewhere) that you like them. Maybe even love them. Why is that?

Your evidence (whatever it may be) can only be circumstantial and would not hold up in court. For NK’s sake I have tolerated cats, did I pet them sometimes….yeah I did and you may even have a picture but I do not like them and I definitely do not nor will I ever love them. At a minimum I was indifferent.

3. I've asked a few others this question already but, if you had to listen to the music of just one musician or band for an entire year which one would it be?

I really struggled with this one because of my taste in music. I like virtually everything but rap/hip-hop. I was going to say Glenn Miller, then I thought about some of the storytellers like Woody Guthrie and Tom T. Hall or Bob Dylan. But I’ll go with Howlin’ Wolf.

4. Now that you've jumped onto this whole blogging bandwagon how much longer does the world have to wait for you to join Myspace or Facebook?

Most likely, never. Though it may not be noticeable, I am not really a social animal. Think about it, I never "joined" anything, no VFW, no Elks, nothing. At heart I am an introvert and am really quite satisfied being one. If there were a few more creature comforts I could figure out, I would probably live as a hermit in a cave somewhere.

5. Though you did a lot of traveling for business you haven't had the opportunity in the recent past to do much traveling for pleasure, what with the visiting of you're darling children and all, if you could take the trip you've always wanted to where would you be heading?

Tough question, it has always been my desire to return to Vietnam. It is such a beautiful country and I would really like to see the area again. Since I did not spend any time in any of the cities, I have no desire to visit them, only the countryside. However, due to my infatuation with the game of golf, it would be difficult to choose between a trip to Ireland/Scotland and Vietnam.


CamiKaos said...

First, lovely answers, can't wait to hear your opinion of Marie Antoinette ending

Secondly, You freaking love Spike. You try to get him to pay attention to you when you visit. And you loved Reebok too. So there. Dez on the other hand was evil.

Howlin' Wolf... good choice.

mielikki said...

Dezi was evil and I thought she'd never die. . .

good questions, good answers all the way around.
Too bad Vietnam isn't near Scotland. I have a friend at work who's son lives in Vietnam. I've seen some beautiful pictures of it's countryside. I'd actually love to go there as well. . .

sybil law said...

I read this book by Nelson Demille ("Up Country") and in it he goes back to Vietnam. Maybe you'll like it! Maybe not...
Anyway, good answers!
All I can think of when I hear about Sofia Coppola dying is, "YES!". She was AWFUL in the Godfather 3. I couldn't wait for her to die.

mielikki said...

She makes good movies, though.

Bubblewench said...

Love the Howlin Wolf. Guess I need to see the movie too now...