Friday, August 24, 2007

Never on Sunday

To play on Sunday, you have to win on Saturday. To play on Saturday, you have to win on Friday. I'll be home tomorrow. I gave it a go today. I got down 2 holes early, came back to tie then went down 2 again. After we left the 1oth hole I was 3 down. Once again I came back but not quite far enough. On the 18th hole, a par 3, my tee shot missed the green. My opponent also missed and wound up in the sand. My second shot stopped about 4 inches from the hole so I thought I had a chance, especially when he rolled his shot out of the bunker about 7 to 8 feet by. He had not made a putt all day from that distance, but he made that one to win 1 up.

It's a good thing I lost though, we have someone coming to look at the house on Monday and we will need the time to get things ship shape.

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Bubblewench said...

Sorry you're not playing today, but sounds like you did pretty good!

GOOD LUCK MONDAY!!! I'm praying and crossing everything!