Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Promises Broken

Up until this past weekend, we were under the impression that when we buy our house in O re gon that we knew someone that could help us do some things that may need to be done. This weekend, the good ship kaos started to sink (it’s leaking everywhere) and its Captain now seems to think we should buy a house that will not need any touch up (did I state that correctly?).

So, this being the case, the good captain seems to have reneged on his promise to help set the newest Kaos ship of state on the correct course. What say you matey, a few pipes finally get the better of you? Don’t think we should buy a fixer upper?

Well you know we never thought we wanted to get something that required any extensive work (remember I said that is one of the things I wound never do again). So rest assured, you may need to fix up your abode but don’t worry about ours (except maybe for some sound and other wiring).


Bubblewench said...

you know he'll fold like a paper napkin and totally help you out.

CamiKaos said...

no no no, touch ups by all means. Stereo systems hell yeah. Movie theater installation? You betcha. Installing a lovely new floor? Sure.

Complete re plumbing of your house? nope.

DaddyKaos said...

I knew what you meant, I just used touch up to tread lightly. I think the word you originally used was remodel.

BW, I agree.