Friday, August 3, 2007

Well, it's Friday, it's August and the dog days have set in. Sometimes I haven't got a clue for a subject and then like a bolt from the sky a couple of things hit me. The first thought is that school starts fairly soon around here. This only comes to mind because we live near a high school and since before school was officially out for the summer, work crews started tearing up the parking lot. Once they completed that, there it sat and sat and sat, sometimes just a muddy mess. Now that school is about to start (about 3 weeks away) they seem to be doing a little work each day, digging holes bringing in more stuff, etc. They don't seem to be getting anywhere closer to completing whatever it is they felt they had to do though. They have demolished the tennis courts however.

Normally, none of this would matter one iota to me, but remember, this is a high school and how do high school students get to school? Of course, they drive. But alas, no parking lot, where to park, oh where to park? We have spent the last ten years complaining to the school about the kids racing down and around our quiet, narrow little cul-de-sac, parking in front of our mail boxes, parking on both sides of the street and leaving their litter. Why NK even got mooned once (it was actually directed at another student but she could probably pick the kid out of a line-up and not from the front).

Last year we finally got some relief with little or no parking problems (I did have to call the school the first day to complain though). Now it looks like the battle will soon begin anew.

Tomorrow I'll talk about food.


mielikki said...

Go and sprinkle some nails and tacks, right in front of your mailbox. They'll never park there, again.

Bubblewench said...

OH! Good idea M. I was thinking go around and let the air out of their tires while they're in class.