Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sound of Silence

On Tuesday, June 4, 1968, Don Drysdale pitched his 6th consecutive shutout game to break a record held since 1904. But no one cared about that on June 5, 1968, probably not even Drysdale himself. The game was played in Los Angeles at Chavez Ravine (now Dodger Stadium) against the Pittsburgh Pirates. About 4 miles away and a few hours later another event was taking place that would negate any other news item that day.

After winning the California Democratic primary, Robert Francis (Bobby) Kennedy was shot while passing through the pantry area of the kitchen at the Ambassador hotel. While others were wounded, RFK was the only causality. Much like the assassination of his brother, we can only wonder what our future would have been had he not been killed.

While I don’t normally review or recommend a movie, but if you have not seen "Bobby", it is a must see. But I am not writing this just because of the movie. Something chilled my bones while I was watching it. In 1968, RFK was a Senator from the State of New York. He was not officially a resident of NY until he decided to run for the Senate (sound familiar?). Although he was born in NY, he spent most of his life outside of the state.

In 2008 another former non-resident of the state of NY will be a candidate for President while an unpopular war is in progress. When HRC finishes up in the California primary next year I hope we don’t have a repeat of an event 40 years earlier.



mielikki said...

I saw that movie in the theater, and looooved it. I second your recommendation. And I hope HRC is smart enough NOT to go speak at the Ambassador Hotel.

DaddyKaos said...

The Ambassador was demolished last year so at least we can't have an exact repeat.

sybil law said...

I will watch the movie!!