Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Life is Good

This morning as I sat watching the wind take the snow to the west, bring it back to the east in a vain attempt to fight it's horizontal path, my thoughts turned to how wonderful it is to be inside with a nice fire going in the fireplace.

Nothing could spoil my mood as I sat there with my morning cup o joe flipping back and forth between MSNBC and CNN for my morning dose of events. Not even the news from last nights (and final) Bush State of the Union message.

So what is going through my little pea brain right now?

I was thinking how funny it was that Romney and McCain are throwing the L word at each other. It's kind of like Tammy Faye Baker and Phyllis Diller telling each other how beautiful they are. One can only wonder, as they act like school children, if either of them will survive their childish antics and become "Presidential" enough to actually win the office.

Will Florida signal the end for the early alphabet candidates, G & H and if H survives will he start to look anymore like Gomer Pyle?

And in the same vain, has Billary wrought a similar pallor on their campaign with all the race card innuendo? Has it really stopped? Does the endorsement by Maxine Waters signal the end?

Finally, did Obama truly turn his back on the H-thing last night or is this just more media opportunism to stir up something after a major endorsement.

Maybe I'll tune in to Fox, they probably have the answer.

I have noticed quite a few new visitors lately, I hope you enjoy what you see. If you do, drop in a comment, if you don't, well do the same. Oh, and Gunfighter, I agree, CK's a damned fine kid. Thanks for stopping by, "semper fi".