Monday, January 14, 2008

What's Up

We spent the day moving, relocating. No, not out of the house, within the house. We got this bright idea that we should have a "reading/TV" room.

A place to go when we need to be alone (I Vant to be alone, dahling), or just want some peace and quiet.

Where to put it, we asked?

Well, we have this room upstairs (people normally use it as a bedroom) where I usually write all of this crap and we have this "bonus" room.

That is where we keep a lot of our "stuff".

You know, things that we have but don't use frequently, like our big cast iron pot (we use it to cook Gumbo). And lots of boxes of stuff, just stuff, 38 years of stuff (not complaining, dear).

So, we took all of our "stuff" downstairs and there it sits right now.......has not made it to the basement yet (we have to rearrange things there also).

Then we cleared out the former "office".

Oh, I forgot, we had to run power to the "bonus" room, and the cable. We had that done on Saturday.

So, we cleared out the office and now I sit in the new office (took me an hour to get everything working again so I could write this). Earlier I watched TV in the new reading/TV room (a guy's got to watch basketball you know).

So we have our new furniture in the living room, our new office and new lounge. Spending to keep our economy healthy, the American way.


mielikki said...

that made me tired just reading it. . .

sybil law said...

I love reconfiguring spaces!!!

DaddyKaos said...


We do too, or at least I think we must since we have done it for the third time.