Tuesday, July 17, 2007


This is a late response to the challenge from mielikki on lifes embarrassing moments.

We have had a life’s embarrassing moment challenge. While it may not have been as devastating as showing my ass in front of 200 men waiting for chow, it was somewhat disturbing.

While the act itself wasn’t the embarrassing part, the follow-up was. I was home from Vietnam for 30 days and my uncle let me use my cousins MGB while I was home so I thought I was pretty cool driving around town. I was sitting in the car at the local A&W doing some people watching when this very hot young thing caught my eye. Because that happened another hot thing landed right in my belly button.

I had a cigarette dangling from my lips and the damned thing fell from my mouth while I was gawking and commenting to someone else in the car about the shape of the fine young lady. While I was able to remove the butt, the ash stayed put and burned just enough to cause quite a bit of discomfort. My friend laughed his ass off, the gal did not notice but I had to get something to heal the burn.

Now this all happened in 1967 and NK and I had been on again off again and on at the time and it turned out that the only person close by that could help was NK. This was the embarrassing part, I had to explain how I got burned. She still reminds me every once in awhile but at least since I quit smoking at least I won’t do that again.

That is not even close to the embarrassment an unnamed relative would feel if they knew the entire neighborhood was watching the car rocking and rolling early one morning.

I'll cover another embarrassment in my life on 7/19.


mielikki said...

LOL that is pretty funny.
and now my mind is trying to puzzle out who the un-named relative was. . .

Bubblewench said...

Ok, now you have to spill about the un-named relative.

And aren't you the lucky man who ended up with NK? Even after being a gawker.

DaddyKaos said...

That person is also known as Aunt Tuna to some. Does that help any?

mielikki said...

We must talk. . . Really! And she had us all convinced she was a virgin when she married my Dad. She puts up a good front.

CamiKaos said...


sybil law said...

love it