Sunday, August 12, 2007

Not the News

This will sound rather callous but I am sick and tired of groups using the news to beg. It’s not just groups, sometimes the begging is initiated by the local TV networks. Yeah, it’s hot outside, it’s always hot outside in August. So why in the hell should anyone expect any different and be surprised that it is going to be miserable and that maybe they should save a few pennies and buy a fan for their home. But no, every year, when it gets a little warm, TV news starts begging for fan donations.

The Salvation Army needs water and they want someone to give it to them. Go buy the damned water, you are selling everyone’s donations at your stores so you should have the $$ to buy a little water. Hell, you probably have more money than the Catholic Church, especially since they have had to pay out so much recently.

Guess what people, in a few months it’s going to get real damned cold and you may want to think about buying a coat and maybe a space heater if you need something like that. Stop buying lotto tickets and beer, maybe you should consider quitting smoking. If you did that you could save enough in less than a week to buy a fan yourself instead of having someone else beg for you. So get off your dead ass and do something for yourself, the world does not owe you anything.