Saturday, December 29, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Overheard in a local coffee shop - Technology takes a big leap - backwards:

First senior citizen - just take this thing here, the stem and turn it clockwise.
Second SC - this thing, like this?
First SC - yes, just like that and the good thing is you will never have to buy a battery for it!

On the writers strike:

Letterman will be back - reached his own deal but the question of the week involves part of the reason the writers are on strike in the first place. It seems that the Writers Guild wants to unionize the writers working on reality shows. Writers, reality, whats up with that? Does anyone think any of that crap is real?

Perhaps I should have found a good writer sometime back, could have written a scenario where our house sold for more than the asking price on the first day.

At the request of Bubblewench - here you are, one cat balancing something.


mielikki said...

the cat looks like you took away his birthday. Poor, picked on Ripper. . .

holly said...

actually, i'm comPLETely okay with the reality show writers staying on indefinite strike. but if they don't get jon stewart back on soon? hostages will be taken. the only reason i pay my tv license (yes, we have to have a friggin' license over here) and i don't even get my show? someone's heading for a punching.

DaddyKaos said...

M - Ripper did not even realize he was the target of a balance act so no harm done. As far as his birthday, like me he would probably like to look past that.

H - I don't think you will have to go after anyone, I have heard Jon will be back on 1/7 but w/o writers.

Bubblewench said...

poor kitty!