Monday, December 3, 2007

Lost and Found

Lost: One Football Team.

The city of Denver, Colorado is looking for its football team. They were last seen leaving Denver for Chicago 2 weeks ago. Someone disguised as Bronco’s players appeared at Soldier Field but it has since been determined that it could not possible have been a real football team.

Apparently, the same impostors showed up in Oakland yesterday. Someone wearing a Mike Shanahan mask was on the sidelines and the team tried to look like football players. After the loss to the Raiders, the city issued an APB and they now believe that someone has kidnapped the team and that the kidnapping may have taken place sometime last year.

No reward has been announced but Pat Bowlen will schedule a press conference after the season ends.

On a similar note, the city of Miami is trying to determine if they can sue the Dolphins to have the name of the team changed. They don't care if the team keeps the Dolphins name, they just don't want the cities name associated with the team.

FI Award Nominations

Here’s to the two morons that caused a homeowner to take down the Christmas display he had set up in his yard. The idiots got caught on video removing lights from the homeowner’s yard. After this happened all of the decorations were taken down and placed in storage. This is the 2nd year in a row that vandals attacked the property and he did want to give them another chance.

No arrests have been made but the police are treating it as a burglary.
FI - Sports Category

T. J. Houshmandzadeh becomes a nominee by antagonizing the Pittsburgh Steelers.

During pre-game warm-ups he apparently defaced a "terrible towel" effectively "mooning" the city of Pittsburgh which of course pissed off Steeler players and fans. During the game, the Steelers players were all over him and he was crying to the officials throughout the game. Hey there TJ if you don't want the attention, don’t ask for it.

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