Friday, December 7, 2007

Fickle Finger

It looks like nominations for next weeks FI award are not going to be scarce. Nominations will be accepted until Wednesday 12/12.

The first contestant falls into the criminal category is from the Detroit, Michigan area.

A Warren man faces felony charges of torture, unlawful imprisonment and assault with intent to commit murder after police said he abused his girlfriend. Marco Grant is accused of torturing his girlfriend for more than eight hours and nearly setting her on fire. Police said the woman was beaten, cut with a knife, hit with glass bottles and doused in rum and hydrogen peroxide.

The next entrant has applied as a candidate in the political category although she thought it would be taken lightly.

A Dacono, Colo. councilwoman resigned this week over what some branded a racist e-mail, but Sandra Tucker said she won't apologize for posting it. In the e-mail, Tucker, said that being a Democrat is worse than "being a black disabled one-armed drug-addicted Jewish queer" who has a "Mexican boyfriend." She posted the e-mail on a local Web site and said she thought it was funny.

Now for the winners this week. I have decided to rename the award to the FI Fickle Finger as an homage to Laugh-in.

The winner in the open category is the Saudi Judicial System for their treatment of women after sentencing a rape victim to 200 lashes for consorting with non related men. In the sports category, the prize goes to Ravens linebacker Bart Scott was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct after he flung an official's yellow flag into the stands.

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