Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Falcons Fined

A big huzzah to the NFL. It seems they also took offense to the tribute some Atlanta Falcon players paid to former team member Michael Vick and levied fines of up to $10,000.00 each.

Woman spared.

Saudi King Abdullah has pardoned the woman the woman from Qatif that was brutally raped by 7 men after an international outcry and a critical report in this blog. It is not known if her ex boyfriend was also pardoned or if her lawyer will regain his license to practice.

FI Nominations

The trying to spoil Christmas nomination goes to the person in Canada known as the Rogue Elf referenced yesterday by mielikki. Obscene Christmas letters to kids, come on, next thing you know we will find out it was actually Mr. Fabulous and not someone from our northern neighbor after all.

In sports, the crybaby nomination goes to Rory Sabbatini after he withdrew from the Target Challenge on Sunday, citing personal reasons or cramps or whatever.


mielikki said...

What about the Falcons coach who abandoned his sucky team before the season was even over, and left them a "dear john" letter on their lockers?
The sour elf definately deserves it!

Bubblewench said...

Mr. Fab would have sent Sculpy creatures..

Gotta love the jackass who pulled the horsecoller on Donovan McNabb on Sunday. Now I know the Eagles are sucking, but the guy that pulled it is the guy who the RULE IS NAMED AFTER! And he has had 4 infractions since the rule was created! It's named after him and he still can't stop doing it. Supposedly out of 6 horsecoller injuries in 2004, 4 were by him, which is why the rule was created.

The Falcons are just down for now, but I think McNabb is going that way.