Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On Dogs, Football and Guns

First, let me say that if anything I say offends any fan of the Atlanta Falcons, tough shit. After watching the game between the Saints and the Falcons last night I was quite appalled to see the signs of support for Michael Vick. They came from current Atlanta players and fans. One young lad held up a sign that told the idiot to keep his chin up. Screw that, the bastard deserved exactly what he got and more. If anyone thinks he was a victim they are quite wrong and an adult lacking in morals and judgement must have encouraged the young one that held up the sign.

So if anyone feels that Vick got screwed, just look at what he has done to his team this year. With him they would probably have a winning season. Without him, just a bunch of losers.

Next, I have to wonder, why on earth does a church think that it has to have an armed security guard? Isn’t it bad enough that this is the case but even worse is that the guard had so SHOOT AND KILL someone. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that she was there or more people would have died, its just that we live in such fear that someone thought it necessary to have gun toting security there.


Bubblewench said...

He got off easy if you ask me. He's a jackass and should be banned from the NFL.

It's sad that woman had to shoot that guy, and sadder that is the world we live in.

What's worse? The guy was able to get an automatic weapon like that or that she shot him for it?

mielikki said...

Vick should never be allowed to play again, OR have a pet. I was also disgusted by that when I watched the game.
And it is a comment on our society when CHURCHES have to have security. . .

sybil law said...

Those were my thoughts exactly on the church thing. Pretty crazy to have an armed security guard at CHURCH.
Vick - not even worth wasting my time writing about him. Ick. Vick. (Haha)