Monday, December 24, 2007

A Christmas Letter - Day 11

Now I've had it you rotten shit for brains prick. There are eleven guys here now all claiming to be related to someone named Kris Lord (evidently some kind of kinky porn star with an exceptionly large phallus) and have made use of every hole they could find. I will be amazed if many of the bitches will every walk again.

They weren't satisfied with the broads so they went after the pipers. That's when the trouble started; the pipers grabed the golden rings, sprayed them with WD-40 and attempted to slip them onto five of the biggest dicks I have ever seen (I must admit I got a little wet). You should have seen the bastards leap, three of the cows were killed in the melee.

Youv'e ruined my life and I am now under a physicians care so I hope you are satisfied you miserable pig.

You know who.

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