Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tis the Season

Does the sound of Christmas music on the radio make you quickly reach to change the station? Or does the sound of a bell make you want to run and hide or worse grab the bell and put it....well you know. If that is the case, you my friend suffer from what David Feherty,golf analyst and columnist and self proclaimed season hater, calls SAHD or Seasonal Asshole Disorder.

If you suffer from SAHD there are limited options for a cure this late in the year. Your best bet is to pour yourself a liberal amount of your favorite beverage (obviously something stronger than lemonade), sit back and listen to this. Go on, I'll wait.

How was that, feeling better? If not I suggest you self medicate (but don't drive and don't over do it) and go surfing. Find something you enjoy and don't worry about the season, just enjoy life.

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